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File: 1554092576681.png–(492.58KB, 597x670, xi.png)
No.145  [Reply]
¨ No.147
1554414345399.jpg–(83.49KB, 634x634, D2iwgnqUcAE1cRS.jpg)
If you're gonna copypaste wiki articles, at least take the footnotes out.
¨ No.149
1554442605248.jpg–(29.11KB, 500x459, 4qJHY7.jpeg)
Now we'll never be able to sell this chan to Tencent.

File: 1554413887178.png–(359.29KB, 500x304, D2a7WXkXgAEg5O3.png)
No.146  [Reply]
It was inevitable.
¨ No.148
1554442004519.gif–(95.99KB, 245x200, shitpost.gif)
And just like that, the journalists declared themselves altright.

File: 1552961563892.jpg–(25.49KB, 495x350, surprised_pikachu_and_sobble_by_sommerannie_dd0w0k)
No.137  [Reply]
Sobble protection is active
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¨ No.142
1552971784482.jpg–(34.80KB, 900x540, IMG_20190319_010214.jpg)

¨ No.143
1553320763028.png–(115.44KB, 1213x1706, delete thiss.png)
delete this
¨ No.144
1553832280602.jpg–(88.19KB, 750x780, MXMWd.jpg)
Where is everyone?

File: 1552958044131.jpg–(502.43KB, 800x800, Lucario.full.1296022.jpg)
No.132  [Reply]
This is my chat now
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¨ No.135
1552961451751.jpg–(169.09KB, 750x682, AN00193049_001_l.jpg)
¨ No.136
1552961516168.png–(188.34KB, 800x737, pie-face-png-5.png)
¨ No.138
1552961980286.png–(184.95KB, 1137x779, Selection_406.png)

tfw you commission your loods

File: 1552956234736.png–(27.82KB, 183x243, Selection_187.png)
No.125  [Reply]

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¨ No.130
1552957919262.jpg–(86.67KB, 800x603, IMG_20190318_174150_329.jpg)
¨ No.131
1552957996013.png–(327.28KB, 1292x1183, ellymonqxtu.png)

301 confirmed kills
¨ No.133
pew pew pew

File: 1534564130603.png–(372.23KB, 709x762, iniUnC.png)
No.105  [Reply]
let's level up our skills:

sculpting tools:
modeling software:
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¨ No.122
1540067179756.webm–(602.79KB, 1092x704, 0:06, PossibleSpanishBorderterrier.webm)
Here's a new turnaround.
¨ No.123
1540360563593.png–(321.52KB, 1095x704, ojzmnS.png)
wip model done for Ryan's birthday
¨ No.124
1540936064684.webm–(717.74KB, 1092x704, 0:06, GranularBeneficialCrocodileskink.webm)
swurl turnaround

File: 1529136703953.jpg–(75.88KB, 638x452, vagrant.jpg)
No.17  [Reply]
What vidya have you been playing recently?

For me it's pic related, Vagrant Story on a psx emulator.

Been blasting through it but I think I might have skipped ahead since basic enemies are suddenly taking 10 minutes to kill.
¨ No.18
1529137837392.png–(943.30KB, 960x540, inevitablesmol.png)
Warframe's new quest came out so I've been playing that.
¨ No.19
Soul Calibur 2 - Talim arcade mode–(YouTube)
Been playing a lot of Soul Calibur 2.
¨ No.104
X-Men vs Street Fighter Arcade Intro–(YouTube)
I've been playing this fighter, it's broken but it has a memorable intro and great character designs.

File: 1529751261774.png–(737.47KB, 1233x604, altfurryarmedforces.png)
No.87  [Reply]
Get your auto-clickers out and go farm some salt in Steam's new shitty sales gimmick!

I suggest we go after this target that's active at the moment. Not a lot of attention so far, currently the Furrehs group has the most contribution. Flipping it to AltFurry would be lulzy.
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¨ No.93
1529815081919.png–(375.18KB, 579x801, Selection_377.png)
I've been working on space pic related for like 20 minutes now.
¨ No.94
1529834349887.jpg–(164.34KB, 900x900, sanicadventure.jpg)
Yeah. It's not really a big deal but being able to get listed as main contributors would be funny as hell. Especially if we manage to push out another furry group.
¨ No.103
1530749427482.png–(503.56KB, 1019x653, Selection_391.png)
Final stats!

Embed: Milo Yiannopoulos had his pay pal shut down–(YouTube)
No.101  [Reply]
Sending $14.88 via paypal puts the recipient's life in danger, apparently.

This is why you should never store any funds in a paypal account, nor link one to any bank account.

If paypal decides to ban you and you have any money in your account they will keep it for however long they wish.

¨ No.102
Screw paypal.

File: 1530212612632.png–(130.94KB, 1080x561, pq9juz.png)
No.99  [Reply]

Reporting on the situation is light so far, outside of twitter threads.


¨ No.100
WHOA! You're telling me that I'm not a "cuhhraaazy conspiracy theorist" for suggesting the fact that people talk in private?

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