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File: 1552961563892.jpg–(25.49KB, 495x350, surprised_pikachu_and_sobble_by_sommerannie_dd0w0k)
No.137  [Reply]
Sobble protection is active
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1552969462226.jpg–(34.83KB, 640x480, D1-zq9SXgAMwn0h.jpg)

¨ No.141
1552969513843.png–(74.01KB, 239x239, D1_QCi0W0AAaQaV.png)

¨ No.142
1552971784482.jpg–(34.80KB, 900x540, IMG_20190319_010214.jpg)

File: 1552958044131.jpg–(502.43KB, 800x800, Lucario.full.1296022.jpg)
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This is my chat now
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1552961451751.jpg–(169.09KB, 750x682, AN00193049_001_l.jpg)
¨ No.136
1552961516168.png–(188.34KB, 800x737, pie-face-png-5.png)
¨ No.138
1552961980286.png–(184.95KB, 1137x779, Selection_406.png)

tfw you commission your loods

File: 1552956234736.png–(27.82KB, 183x243, Selection_187.png)
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1552957919262.jpg–(86.67KB, 800x603, IMG_20190318_174150_329.jpg)
¨ No.131
1552957996013.png–(327.28KB, 1292x1183, ellymonqxtu.png)

301 confirmed kills
¨ No.133
pew pew pew

File: 1534564130603.png–(372.23KB, 709x762, iniUnC.png)
No.105  [Reply]
let's level up our skills:

sculpting tools:
modeling software:
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¨ No.122
1540067179756.webm–(602.79KB, 1092x704, 0:06, PossibleSpanishBorderterrier.webm)
Here's a new turnaround.
¨ No.123
1540360563593.png–(321.52KB, 1095x704, ojzmnS.png)
wip model done for Ryan's birthday
¨ No.124
1540936064684.webm–(717.74KB, 1092x704, 0:06, GranularBeneficialCrocodileskink.webm)
swurl turnaround

File: 1529136703953.jpg–(75.88KB, 638x452, vagrant.jpg)
No.17  [Reply]
What vidya have you been playing recently?

For me it's pic related, Vagrant Story on a psx emulator.

Been blasting through it but I think I might have skipped ahead since basic enemies are suddenly taking 10 minutes to kill.
¨ No.18
1529137837392.png–(943.30KB, 960x540, inevitablesmol.png)
Warframe's new quest came out so I've been playing that.
¨ No.19
Soul Calibur 2 - Talim arcade mode–(YouTube)
Been playing a lot of Soul Calibur 2.
¨ No.104
X-Men vs Street Fighter Arcade Intro–(YouTube)
I've been playing this fighter, it's broken but it has a memorable intro and great character designs.

File: 1529751261774.png–(737.47KB, 1233x604, altfurryarmedforces.png)
No.87  [Reply]
Get your auto-clickers out and go farm some salt in Steam's new shitty sales gimmick!

I suggest we go after this target that's active at the moment. Not a lot of attention so far, currently the Furrehs group has the most contribution. Flipping it to AltFurry would be lulzy.
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¨ No.93
1529815081919.png–(375.18KB, 579x801, Selection_377.png)
I've been working on space pic related for like 20 minutes now.
¨ No.94
1529834349887.jpg–(164.34KB, 900x900, sanicadventure.jpg)
Yeah. It's not really a big deal but being able to get listed as main contributors would be funny as hell. Especially if we manage to push out another furry group.
¨ No.103
1530749427482.png–(503.56KB, 1019x653, Selection_391.png)
Final stats!

Embed: Milo Yiannopoulos had his pay pal shut down–(YouTube)
No.101  [Reply]
Sending $14.88 via paypal puts the recipient's life in danger, apparently.

This is why you should never store any funds in a paypal account, nor link one to any bank account.

If paypal decides to ban you and you have any money in your account they will keep it for however long they wish.

¨ No.102
Screw paypal.

File: 1530212612632.png–(130.94KB, 1080x561, pq9juz.png)
No.99  [Reply]

Reporting on the situation is light so far, outside of twitter threads.


¨ No.100
WHOA! You're telling me that I'm not a "cuhhraaazy conspiracy theorist" for suggesting the fact that people talk in private?

File: 1530152271316.jpg–(25.08KB, 600x294, endorsed.jpg)
No.95  [Reply]
Remember "When they go low we go high"? Gaze upon the rhetoric of late. This is what constitutes as "high" now.
I'd like to call to mind Karl Popper's paradox on tolerance, but perhaps we are even past that point of late.
We see the desperation of the left. One would have surmised that at this point in the presidency their feelings would have lulled to a murmur, but as events have shown we're coming to regrettable territory, where elected officials are calling for the harassment of other officials, often just short of actual physical assault. The true message didn't fall on deaf ears, however; we see the populace filling in the cracks and delivering it completed.
We also see the demonization of their opposition. And the belittling, even animosity of those who don't see the world the way they do, who don't feel an existential dread from living in a world that isn't advancing their aims at the moment. %Those evil trump officials and their supporters, they want to *kill* you all! They can't be reasoned with! You mustn't be civil with them! You mustn't engage with them, they are the Satan, and they must be eliminated!%

They've already begun the justification of the attacks on their most truest enemies. How long until the heroism of attacking the unaffiliated also becomes a mainstream idea?
The aforementioned Popper's Paradox reasons (in a tragically-often truncated-out portion) that we shouldn't tolerate the presence those who refuse to engage in reasoned, civilized debate and would rather engage in a more visceral form of "discourse". To be fair, Rep Waters maintains that she never called for anyone to harm. But as it has energized and emboldened others to begin formulating and even disseminating such ideas, it's time to start preparing for a brewing civil war. The insurrection is the voice of the hopeless. Right now there's a glimmer of hope in the left in spite of their fears of loss of control, but their actions in response turn such fears into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Things are going to get violent should they suffer great political losses in this midterm election. To those who have already been marked as enemies: you should have already been prepared for your self defense.
To those of you who have remained neutral in this fight, who have refused to join in on the abhorrent rhetoric that is the "othering" of your fellow man, I commend you and I will not ask you to change your ways, but you too must prepare yourself for the coming...festivities. Get yourself into shape. Hone your battle abilities. Arm yourself. Turn your residence into a fortification and secure an additional place to abscond to if possible (you don't necessarily have ownership of such a location, public land will suffice if things do get this bad).
¨ No.96
1530160809471.jpg–(60.48KB, 662x903, unhinged.jpg)

¨ No.97
1530163370642.jpg–(25.47KB, 404x270, DL_JvKiVwAA5fDp.jpg:large.jpeg)
It's actually kind of amazing how pissed off they've gotten at Kennedy for retiring.

Dude's above 80, from what I heard. They're wishing death on him, not for voting against them but because he wouldn't work himself into the grave on their behalf.

So yeah, we're already moving into the part where they're justifying the purging of the neutral.
¨ No.98
Believe me, you're better off without the company of irrational and illogical people who frequently link the holocaust in an attempt to manipulate you.

If you're prohibited from left-wing restaurants, then you're saving calories and money.

File: 1529700572694.jpg–(197.76KB, 477x4313, 1ce.jpg)
No.85  [Reply]

¨ No.86
1529746499932.gif–(37.36KB, 100x100, jokereatspopcorn.gif)
Wu's narcissism strikes again.

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