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File: 1571878347321.jpg–(132.76KB, 720x1280, IMG_20191022_180753_853.jpg)
No.157  [Reply]
Ima the big bad waff
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1571878854586.jpg–(163.37KB, 859x1024, 1006015555904413696.jpeg)
¨ No.162
1571878980328.jpg–(68.07KB, 478x720, IMG_20191017_165900_351.jpg)
I will end you uwu
¨ No.165
1571879186616.jpg–(78.94KB, 735x1087, winking_aryanne_by_aryannehoofler_d8fn2e7-pre.jpg)

File: 1571878939615.png–(186.11KB, 900x600, 106846.png)
No.161  [Reply]
Draw more
¨ No.164
1571879130266.jpg–(57.64KB, 900x874, photo_2019-08-21_18-21-00.jpg)

File: 1571871004093.jpg–(12.80KB, 234x215, nohooves.jpeg)
No.153  [Reply]
¨ No.154
1571871165738.jpg–(137.72KB, 874x1157, pinkie-degenerates.jpg)

¨ No.155
1571871271583.gif–(323.85KB, 1280x948, 1507146657153.gif)
¨ No.156

Embed: Yes - Silent Talking–(YouTube)
No.71  [Reply]
Whatchu listening to?

I'm currently binging on Yes.
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¨ No.83
Black Sun Empire - Bitemark (Zardonic Remix)–(YouTube)
The title speaks for itself.

t. were
¨ No.84
Black Sun Empire - Bitemark (Zardonic Remix)–(YouTube)
¨ No.152
Gustav Holst - The Planets - Mars, the Bringer of War–(YouTube)

File: 1568952507530.png–(861.90KB, 1920x1057, 2019-09-18_08.14.12.png)
No.151  [Reply]

File: 1561322618734.jpg–(490.38KB, 1536x2048, john legere.jpg)
No.150  [Reply]
nature hates brown people

File: 1554092576681.png–(492.58KB, 597x670, xi.png)
No.145  [Reply]
¨ No.147
1554414345399.jpg–(83.49KB, 634x634, D2iwgnqUcAE1cRS.jpg)
If you're gonna copypaste wiki articles, at least take the footnotes out.
¨ No.149
1554442605248.jpg–(29.11KB, 500x459, 4qJHY7.jpeg)
Now we'll never be able to sell this chan to Tencent.

File: 1554413887178.png–(359.29KB, 500x304, D2a7WXkXgAEg5O3.png)
No.146  [Reply]
It was inevitable.
¨ No.148
1554442004519.gif–(95.99KB, 245x200, shitpost.gif)
And just like that, the journalists declared themselves altright.

File: 1552961563892.jpg–(25.49KB, 495x350, surprised_pikachu_and_sobble_by_sommerannie_dd0w0k)
No.137  [Reply]
Sobble protection is active
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¨ No.142
1552971784482.jpg–(34.80KB, 900x540, IMG_20190319_010214.jpg)

¨ No.143
1553320763028.png–(115.44KB, 1213x1706, delete thiss.png)
delete this
¨ No.144
1553832280602.jpg–(88.19KB, 750x780, MXMWd.jpg)
Where is everyone?

File: 1552958044131.jpg–(502.43KB, 800x800, Lucario.full.1296022.jpg)
No.132  [Reply]
This is my chat now
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¨ No.135
1552961451751.jpg–(169.09KB, 750x682, AN00193049_001_l.jpg)
¨ No.136
1552961516168.png–(188.34KB, 800x737, pie-face-png-5.png)
¨ No.138
1552961980286.png–(184.95KB, 1137x779, Selection_406.png)

tfw you commission your loods

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