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File: 1529086789844.png–(364.91KB, 486x640, nick_vector_by_simmeh-d9j99me.png)
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1529224001122.jpg–(100.20KB, 933x1200, dumbfox.jpg)
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1529340772666.jpg–(127.31KB, 1200x1156, C3NHTPfUoAAD1oT.jpg)

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1529512685128.jpg–(75.65KB, 500x750, 095.jpg)

Embed: Bomber Barbara (CD Version) - Sonic Rush–(YouTube)
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Mods are asleep, post sanic
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1529427342249.png–(690.16KB, 800x786, day_693__sanic_the_heegeherg_by_cryptid_creations-)

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MGSV Gotta Get Revenge Fast–(YouTube)

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1529440105671.jpg–(43.84KB, 960x397, Logos.jpg)

File: 1529378626555.jpg–(52.41KB, 630x286, AAAAAAAA.jpg)
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here's a beginning to a new millennia
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1529400015091.jpg–(38.43KB, 600x581, ququhorror.png)
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1529423886364.jpg–(1.83MB, 4167x4167, cuddlesong_s_doggie_pie_by_adequality-dbdzspb.jpg)

File: 1529414206197.jpg–(200.95KB, 1412x2000, SpacePatrol.jpg)
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Are you going to join Trump's Space Force?
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1529416647811.jpg–(259.22KB, 994x1200, Df_4ILJUYAEdGK1.jpg)
No, but I'll prolly read the comic.

Depends if they publish through Antarctic Press or not.


File: 1529373659098.jpg–(972.00KB, 2386x3419, remember_the_dossiers_fam.jpg)
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Why does anyone in #AltFurry movement like or respect Acid Man whatsoever?

Isn't this a really bad trend?
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1529374633147.png–(105.78KB, 492x465, Selection_068.png)
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1529400802964.png–(549.74KB, 1100x1581, bestwaifu.png)
Isabelle is best waifu.

File: 1529372878640.jpg–(26.98KB, 500x462, DXcJ9pWXcAAB9TM.jpg)
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Why bother living.
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1529375041357.jpg–(33.70KB, 600x375, parap.jpg)
I guess we can always hold out hope that the San Andreas fault will drop them in the sea someday.
¨ No.54
Technically, they already have a self-inflicted nuke from junkies, illegals, and droughts.
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1529400654572.jpg–(43.40KB, 500x499, hippityhoppity.jpg)

If that happened, they might nuke themselves.

File: 1529089803356.jpg–(129.13KB, 1249x1280, photo_2018-05-22_14-56-55.jpg)
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Language has become fucked. And more people are on the way to fuck it up even more.
There are people, dead-serious, who declare themselves "non-binary" who get into relationships with people of the opposte sex and without any hint of irony whatsoever declare themselves to be "gay" because their romantic partners also have declared themselves "non-binary".

There are people (almost always "cis allies") who play "gotcha" games regarding transgender people to guilt you over not finding them attractive. Woah dude you aren't interested in fucking a trans girl? You're only interested in vagina? I guess you'd have no problem with this! [showing a picture of Buck Angel and laughing derisively]

So you know what? Fuck it. You misused the toys and now we're going to take them away with you and replace them with boring, heavily descriptive tools. Gay and Lesbian aren't going to exist anymore. It's really been a necessary change long-coming. Not all denizens of the island of Lesbos like to go muff diving. And The Flintstones' idea of a "gay old time" certainly didn't involve rusty trombones.

So from now on if you are a cis-male and who likes other men with penises you are an Androphilic Homosexual. If you are a cis-male and who prefers your partners to have penis but you don't care how masculine or feminine they present themselves, you're a Biphilic Homosexual Man. If you are a cis-male who is only interested in people who present themselves as male regardless of genitals you are an Androphilic Bisexual Man. If nothing you've got you really need, you're a Twenty-first Century Schizoid Man.
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1529092615216.png–(66.34KB, 303x300, chamber.png)

¨ No.30
I know that it's a copy-pasta, but that author is the unhealthy product of narcissistic YA novels. They want to stick a plethora of arbitrary labels to feel special, mainly because there's nothing redeemable from the actions they do.

They're stuck in their primary school phase where they insert several adjectives to describe their genitals. Except that instead of using profanity, they verbosely use SAT words.
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1529256771654.webm–(1.74MB, 640x800, 0:15, 1491682052160.webm)
I'm fucking sick of being made fun of for masturbating.

I mean what the hell is the big deal about sex? You're just sticking your dick in a mushy slab of meat, big fucking whoop. I wasted my entire senior year doing that, and all I wasn't even allowed to put the fucking work experience on my CV.

Then there's the limitations. "oh, I'm too hot!" "I had a rough day!", "It hurts big brother!" There's always a good excuse for everyone to bitch and moan, and nothing ever comes out of it. And that's not even taking into consideration the fucking charade we go through for ten minutes of miserable sex, and the fucking fortune you have to drop for flowers, dinner, sleeping pills, chocolates, etc...

And don't get me started about that 'intimacy' bullshit. You're rubbing against each other, like a pair of brain-dead orangutangs, and you expect me to think it's romantic? If I knew all it would take for people to accept some gross, sweaty, mess was to come up with a sappy adjective, I might have actually showered for English class.

No, in the end masturbation is everything sex isn't. It's fun, relaxing, and I don't have to move and change my name everytime I'm done. It's everything I wanted, and I don't think I'm ever going back.

So if you're like me; a conventionally attractive but non-athletic person with poor eyesight, who hasn't taken any self defence courses and doesn't live near any sort of law enforcement, PM me your address, and together, we can start making a difference.

File: 1529224257644.png–(81.12KB, 220x220, HeyGamers4.png)
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File: 1529219192987.jpg–(389.14KB, 1242x1162, 117118.jpeg)
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And that's why the calls to scrap the electoral college petered off so quickly and were replaced with calls for confiscating the guns.

The latter has to come first if they are to have any hope for the former.
¨ No.32
1529219573544.png–(93.69KB, 791x664, Selection_131.png)

Well, aside from Texas, of course.
¨ No.33
I need to buy a lot of ammunition then.

File: 1529207495209.png–(47.15KB, 537x362, Selection_217.png)
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1529207659646.png–(113.66KB, 512x512, whatashame.png)
https://archive.fo/U8xAx Archive in case you care to read the thread and see a dragon go for the gold in mental gymnastics.
¨ No.28
The left doesn't genuinely believe in what they say, they just want an excuse to prohibit the views that they dislike. You don't even have to look into their backgrounds to find hypocrisy, it's inevitable that they will contradict themselves.

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