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File: 1529168416298.jpg–(187.85KB, 676x1013, Df0uTaYWsAArbhw.jpg)
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I guess this is the point where they demand a settlement, I hope Jared doesn't give in. Better to set a nationwide precedent than to accept money and favoritism.

File: 1529120684813.jpg–(289.38KB, 1712x854, file_9402.jpg)
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Reset the clock!
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Embed: Super Eurobeat Mix–(YouTube)
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Crocs are the superior footwear. For starters, they are practically invincible. I have had my pair for about seven years now and they still work like new. And I haven’t treated them the best. Second, they are the best casual water shoe. Get them wet? No problem they will dry in about 15 minutes. You can’t say that about any cloth shoe. Sure there are better shoes made specifically to be water shoes, but croc aren’t masters in any one arena, they are a jack of all trades. Third is their style. Now many haters may say “those are so ugly you shouldn’t be allowed out of the house with them on” but really they are a conversation starter. Like a flowery pocket square or bling watch, these fashion pieces are attention grabbers and always give you something to talk about. Fourth, they are cost effective. For some designer shoes you might be spending upwards of $500 for some silly shoe. Crocs are the ultimate choice for cost effectiveness because of how durable they are. You pay one low price of $15-30 and you get shoes for life. Fifth, the customizability is almost limitless. While I myself have not take advantage of this unique perk, it is one I would like to explore in the future. With crocs jibbitz™ you can make every shoe uniquely yours. Tell a story with your jibbitz™. For those reasons, crocs are the superior footwear.
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1529087692881.gif–(431.63KB, 564x508, grumpy pinkie.gif)

File: 1529087079005.png–(399.84KB, 600x552, mlfw4330-1334809418133.png)
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