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File: 1529136703953.jpg–(75.88KB, 638x452, vagrant.jpg)
What vidya have you been playing recently?

For me it's pic related, Vagrant Story on a psx emulator.

Been blasting through it but I think I might have skipped ahead since basic enemies are suddenly taking 10 minutes to kill.
¨ No.18
1529137837392.png–(943.30KB, 960x540, inevitablesmol.png)
Warframe's new quest came out so I've been playing that.
¨ No.19
Soul Calibur 2 - Talim arcade mode–(YouTube)
Been playing a lot of Soul Calibur 2.
¨ No.104
X-Men vs Street Fighter Arcade Intro–(YouTube)
I've been playing this fighter, it's broken but it has a memorable intro and great character designs.

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