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File: 1529155317743.webm–(140.85KB, 1280x720, 0:05, EVSaltfurry.webm)
Don't mind me, just posting a webm -w-
¨ No.23
Those work too? That's neat! Do you plan on adding hooktube embedding?
¨ No.25

I have no idea how, to be honest.

I could put in a feature request, but the dev of the board software hasn't really done much aside from migrate the code to gitlab in a few months.

Also, I'm already considering switching over to a different fork that has rss support.

¨ No.29
Keep up the good work then. I'm looking into the software myself.
¨ No.36
1529225030175.webm–(1.44MB, 400x224, 0:50, armedtentacle.webm)
>2Mb filesize limit.

There goes 95% of my webm collection.
¨ No.37
1529227148676.png–(11.68KB, 358x62, Selection_218.png)

I could bump it up, but this is running on the same machine as the bridge so we're eating up space constantly.
¨ No.38

Would it be possible to automatically cull dead threads? That'd be a way to keep things from getting too crazy with the storage space, right? It'd just be a matter of defining what a dead thread would be.
¨ No.39
1529231455811.png–(268.03KB, 1024x1552, ppspie.png)

Not that I can see, but by default it's capped at 100 threadss so it'll just start deleting old threads once we pass that.
¨ No.40
1529234963087.webm–(938.51KB, 400x224, 0:32, peppa remove.webm)

If that's the case, then I guess we'll just have to stress test the server.
¨ No.42
Boards like /furry/ have been attacked by spam before. Do you have any tools to combat spam?

I'm thinking that there should be a lockdown mode where everyone is prevented from creating new threads within x hours.
¨ No.43
1529284054719.jpg–(730.13KB, 2000x2000, 1506877759905.jpg)

By default, just a time limit between posts. We can also enable moderator approval for posting and captchas.
¨ No.44
Pretty neat!
¨ No.59
1529413069386.jpg–(98.46KB, 800x845, 1449772820116889826.jpg)
I keep reading this as "fuck the horses" as I scroll by
¨ No.79
1529584539449.jpg–(80.82KB, 599x829, overgrowth.jpg)
Can we have word filters?

Pic unrelated.
¨ No.81
Doesn't look like it. Not that I would enable them anyway -w-
¨ No.82

A pity. It is one of the funnier aspects of other chans.

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