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File: 1529413573609.jpg–(202.33KB, 1920x1200, IMG_20180619_090537.jpg)
How's the football?
¨ No.63
1529416648899.png–(578.67KB, 897x683, 3-1ytraps.png)
Pretty gay tbh
¨ No.64

I know that's you, Mookie.
¨ No.65
I'm sorry I don't consider putting a ball through a hoop, over a line, or into goal real sports, especially soccer where you fake injury to win games, I like strategy in my games only thing I can think of would be football but again ball over a line, so I'm sorry if our tastes don't align, like watching esports because video games is something I can actually have a chance in, I don't get kicking a ball around into goal, but I do get a clutch 3 v 150 seconds left in the game your teammates haven't respawned yet and this is the only chance you'll have to punch your enemy's tower so you'll have to stall until teammates respawn, so you start poking their healer to take their as you succeed in taking the healer support out You back out as soon out while the enemy teammates were fighting minions, they notice your presence now and you bait final tower unguardedly, you start them out of their base leaving their attacking the tank taking most of their damage he has a lot of damage reduction so you ult get him low health but his teammate has come to back you up and they gang up on you, you try to flank around but they have both sides
¨ No.80
1529586172957.jpg–(54.64KB, 606x640, EquestriaCup.jpg)

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