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File: 1529751261774.png–(737.47KB, 1233x604, altfurryarmedforces.png)
Get your auto-clickers out and go farm some salt in Steam's new shitty sales gimmick!

I suggest we go after this target that's active at the moment. Not a lot of attention so far, currently the Furrehs group has the most contribution. Flipping it to AltFurry would be lulzy.
¨ No.88
1529763146792.png–(24.63KB, 331x54, itbegins.png)
¨ No.89
Oh, and if you don't know how to represent a group, you just click on the flag on your spaceship and then select the group.
¨ No.90
Too late now. We were there for a little while at least.
¨ No.91
1529809808869.jpg–(1.27MB, 1600x1200, thelist.jpg)
Man, I should have checked the board earlier.

I was fucking around with saliens last night but just ignored it for today.

There's supposed to be more planets getting added throughout the next two weeks, so there's still a chance for some coordinated pushes.
¨ No.92
1529810670235.png–(245.17KB, 400x528, 1505761606419.png)

Trying to get Qu to make a steam announcement, but he's a bit slow at times.

Get in the chat and announce when you're ready to go again.
¨ No.93
1529815081919.png–(375.18KB, 579x801, Selection_377.png)
I've been working on space pic related for like 20 minutes now.
¨ No.94
1529834349887.jpg–(164.34KB, 900x900, sanicadventure.jpg)
Yeah. It's not really a big deal but being able to get listed as main contributors would be funny as hell. Especially if we manage to push out another furry group.
¨ No.103
1530749427482.png–(503.56KB, 1019x653, Selection_391.png)
Final stats!

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